Cord is cut. So to speak!

I only rush if something has gone awry, and that’s fairly uncommon.

People tend to overbook themselves or over commit.

No way to live IMHO.

My wife and I cancelled our dish subscription when we had our first daughter. We read that its not good for babies to watch any TV and we knew we watched too much. She is about to turn 7 and we do not miss it. Similar to Nick, we got a whole lot more done. We still occasionally watch movies.

I’m weak.

The gist of what I have read is people are switching from cable to Netflix or something similar.

Isn’t that what all the issues about Net Neutrality are about?

I stopped watching tv decades ago, it’s a form of amiable conditioning. I am hooked on Youtube though - the Onion News Network :slight_smile:

“The more you drive… the less intelligent you are”

My binge watch shows for late at night… Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Orange is the New Black, Justified, Longmire, Homeland, Walking Dead, True Detective, House of Cards, Breaking Bad and The Wire.


I cannot get enough of college football and college basketball. Not sure I could make it without expanded cable from August - April. Only 67 days until kickoff and approximately 104 days until tip-off.

If baseball, golf, and soccer were the only sports on cable, I would get rid of it the first day.