Corentium Pro Radon machine

I am wondering if anyone can give me there thoughts on this radon machine.

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The question as to if they are accepted for use in the U.S. and your area of operation continues to this day. First off, is Radon in your state controlled, and if so, is this device accepted for use in said state??? If no… may as well stop wasting time researching this and continue with what your state does accept.

Thanks for your info as i am just getting into this so i will need more info on my part. I received an email from Axium Academy in Denver that they are selling them at a discounted price. Just checking if anyone has used this machine and if they would recommend it or not.

Many like them better than the Sun Nuclear CRM’s. There is a FB Group dedicated to this monitor. I have no personal experience with them. They also offer deals for members if I recall correctly.

Thanks i will check into it and i appreciate you info.
Thanks Nick

Hi Nick, I have 7 of the Corentium Pro machines. They are small, lightweight, run on 3 AA batteries. They give you the results when you connect with your phone/tablet and can email the report out right then and there. Airthings has a 6 month lease for $99/month. Awesome unit.

Had one and sold it. Good machine, easy to use. Decided radon didn’t pay enough. $150 a test in Minnesota and driving 30 mile in traffic to pick it up dropped my hourly fee target. Nothing wrong with the machines but they have had bug issues.

Paul… so you did not get your license this year? I did not either for the same reasons. A few realtors that are displeased as I’ve been doing testing for over 12 years. Just does not make financial sense with the added fees and all the time lost doing paperwork for the State.

Hi Joshua, Thanks for your advice on the Corentium Pro. I think i am going to try that machine and start with that. It sounds like it is easy to use with there software and report writing. Again thanks !!

You are welcome.