Corner Raised Deck

I am wondering if there are different methods for attaching this raised deck since it is attached on two sides? Or, should it still have a ledger board and screws/bolts?

Don’t know if you realize, but there are a lot of other issues that need to be called out on this build.
Tell us what you noted and we can help you from there.

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From what I remember:
1: Ledger board and lag bolts. Flashing.
2: Deck Joists require sway bracing.
3: Columns securely fastened at the top and bloom.
4: Guard rail not climbable above 13′-9″ adjacent level in Canada.

Thanks, I was just wondering if the fact that the deck is attached on two sides changes anything.

It needs further evaluation and repairs for safety. Or just don’t use it :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t change the fact that it is improperly built and needs to be repaired to meet the safety standards of deck building for safety of the occupants.


Thanks for everyone’s input. I did not think so, but wanted to make sure. Its part of a development and is not the only one.