Correct connect at Furnace

Just want to verify the correct connection. I have a side by side water heater and forced air furnace. The water heater and furnace vent connector are manifolded. The Furnace Flue Collar rises up out of the furnace and connects to the vent connector. The vent connector is larger than the vent collar. The Vent Connector sections angle up about 4-5 feet and then the Water Heater vent connector mainfolds into the Furnace vent connector. vent connector beyond that point gets a larger. Questions that I have is the vent connector at the furnace, correct. I believe it is but want to verify one way or another. Hope this description is clear.

Got a picture?

Yes, Please see attachment. I had to downsize the pictures.

Furnace 2.JPG

Furnace 3.JPG