Correct wiring in service panel?

The photo is of the service panel. The lines from meter terminate at the main breaker (top of panel). The lines that feed the distribution panel terminate at the main lugs (bottom of panel). Is there a concern with this set up?

The point of the main is to de-energize everything except the SEC in the event of an emergency. With this set up the entire sub feeder has no means of disconnect. Additionally I don’t believe it’s ok to bring the SEC directly into a breaker like that.

The panel is wired correctly from what I can see. The feed through lugs are after the breaker.

What was the issue you were concerned about?

Look at it again…


The back fed CB needs a hold mechanism and there are issues with no GEC but I do agree with you regarding the setup.

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Why is it set up like this (backfed). Why not just attach the SEC into the lugs and then have the 125 amp breaker to the Sub? Panel.
I thought back-fed was not allowed. Ive seen portable generators hooked up like this being back fed but with out a transfer switch and hence dangerous.

Portable generators not allowed as you can essentially feed back into utility grid, and cause dangerous conditions for linemen working on lines. Must have means to disconnect from grid when switched to generator in a fail proof manner. (ie: Transfer switch)

Care to share David?

My comments were based on the description provided in the original post.

The breaker is providing a means of disconnect and over current protection. If it was wired into the lugs first there would be no disconnect for any branch circuits which could exceed the 6 throws rule.

Backfed breakers are allowed with a proper hold down to keep the breaker on the bus. That issue was not asked about and the presence or lack of cannot be seen in the picture.

The issue of a GEC was not raised in the OP either.

What was the confusing language? Nothing said should be out of the knowledge bank of an inspector.

Nope, your doing just fine…

I wasn’t talking to you. The post previous to yours said the panel would not de-energize that way, and it will.

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I had one set up just like this a few months back and couldn’t figure out why it was backfed. Then it dawned on me that because of the extra branch circuit in the panel, it may push the total amperage over the SEC rating limit. With this setup, the extra breaker is included in the main disconnect rating and not added to it…am I on the right track? The GEC is another issue.

The setup as described in the OP. I was thinking like Christopher (“Why not just attach the SEC into the lugs and then have the 125 amp breaker to the Sub?”)

For one thing that would limit the number of circuit breakers in this panel to 6 since it would not have a single main.

I stand corrected this will de-energize the sub feeder I have never seen this done it is very backwards from what I know to be acceptable. However it does not appear to have a proper hold device.