corrosion at CU & AL

There were many issues in this panel, but I thought I would share this picture of the corrosion at the double copper/double aluminum ground wire connection.:shock:


But it still works - what’s your problem??

Funny how it looks like a bad car battery terminal.

Many terminals don’t have specs for doubling up grounds under one screw. So, it’s not allowed per manufactures instructions. Also, the condition of the conductors warrant being deferred to a qualified electrician for evaluation/correction.

Just ugly. :wink:


That is not a reaction between the copper and aluminum. That is caused by WATER. I see it all the time.
See how the set screws are rusted.

And yet, aluminum is STILL not officially banned for branch circuit wiring…ALCOA got friends in high places!!!

Do you seriously feel this way? If so then all aluminum should be BANNED from ALL electrical applications.
I see WAY more failures from aluminum parts and terminations than I have EVER seen from (larger) conductors!

It’s funny though. Even though most folks have jumped on the AFCI bandwagon, I have the SAME opinion on them as your last statement.