Corrosion Issue Need Advice

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Each water heater contains at least one anode rod, which
will slowly deplete while protecting the glass-lined tank
from corrosion and prolonging the life of the water heater.
Certain water conditions will cause a reaction between
this rod and the water. Once the anode is depleted, the
tank will start to corrode, eventually developing a leak.

Bob thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it

I still would take the course i posted it would benefit your knowledge i was not being smart ***.

Wayne, I was not referring to you and apologize if it appeared that way. My stalkers know who they are. I will check it out. thanks.

dude change your water heater asap. it could leak at any time and then what !

Times are tough. I may go tankless.

I agree with last post. Dont overthink, Time for a new water heater. 200$ Home Depot-Installation-1 hr, can you sweat pipe, Mike?

hey how much for tankless and where do I get one?

I have not tried but I got a pal that can.

Three page article should answer your basic questions…

Thanks Jeff I will check it out.

Mike, you’re a licensed contractor, right? Don’t buy Water Heaters at Home Improvement Stores :slight_smile: I always bought stuff like that from trade supply houses. Takagi’s aren’t too bad, just make sure you understand Pros and Cons of both set ups. Try getting a trickle of hot water from a tankless… try it.

Seriously though, If you are a lic/regst’d contractor, a plumbing supply house may offer you a better product for less money.

The plumbers I know would shoot me if I bought the brands at HI stores, they have problems (you can look at the brands next time you’re there). I’ve had a couple of plumbers tell me that I should look pretty hard whenever I see one of those tanks installed, as some Homeowner went and bought one and “hooked it up”… Don’t prove 'em right Mike!

As far as not knowing how to sweat, you may be better off dealing with compression fittings/couplings if you’re not familiar with sweating copper. You wouldn’t be saving money by buying a decent torch and other tools.


Theres a plumbing supply in Miami, you can get Titan tankless there wholesale, Ill get the # from my boy Al the plumber, You may need an EC depending on your amps. let you know t’morrow

Good Grief! Its a water heater, not the Space Shuttle.:wink:

It could be if installed wrong…:slight_smile:

Mike, what is going on?:shock: You have no idea what is a TPR?](*,) Are you kidding?#-o

You really want to be a home inspector?:roll:-X

This will be the last time I will answer this. I asked about corrision and got this as a response:
TPR extension blues…:sad:

I had thought he was trying to actually give a answer that may have matched the question, but he was not… I had no questions about the instalation of the water heater. I had no idea what the abbreviation of tpr blues would have to do with corriosion issue I had asked about.

Which part confused you? TPR or extension?

Times are tough so you want to spend more money? Is your electrical service adequate for an electric unit? Depending on the size of the water heater you get, you may need anything from one double pole 40 amp breaker for a single point of use heater, to four double pole 30 amp breakers for the equivalent of a 50 gallon storage type water heater.

Of course you could have gas available but now you would need to run gas lines, check for the appropriate size lines for your unit. 1/2 lines may not meet the heater requirements.

Read up a little. Try HERE and HERE.

Not only that but a long run of the special flue required can cost you more than the unit.