Corrosion Issue Need Advice

Mike, what is going on?:shock: You have no idea what is a TPR?](*,) Are you kidding?#-o

You really want to be a home inspector?:roll:-X

This will be the last time I will answer this. I asked about corrision and got this as a response:
TPR extension blues…:sad:

I had thought he was trying to actually give a answer that may have matched the question, but he was not… I had no questions about the instalation of the water heater. I had no idea what the abbreviation of tpr blues would have to do with corriosion issue I had asked about.

Which part confused you? TPR or extension?

Times are tough so you want to spend more money? Is your electrical service adequate for an electric unit? Depending on the size of the water heater you get, you may need anything from one double pole 40 amp breaker for a single point of use heater, to four double pole 30 amp breakers for the equivalent of a 50 gallon storage type water heater.

Of course you could have gas available but now you would need to run gas lines, check for the appropriate size lines for your unit. 1/2 lines may not meet the heater requirements.

Read up a little. Try HERE and HERE.

Not only that but a long run of the special flue required can cost you more than the unit.

I would only buy a tank less model if there were space constrictions or a tank did not produce enough heated water in a set amount of time for me.

It is so much easier to just pop in the new one of similar design.

When saying “tankless” I think Michael means without a water heater. Located in South Florida who needs a water heater? :mrgreen:

Not sure if he knew before this thread what a tankless water heater was?

The abbreviations are confusing. :shock: