Corrosion of clips

An Insurance company is telling my client that these clips and nails are too corroded to recieve a deduction.

Your thoughts?



Ask them how they were able to determine that from the picture?

They look like they may be too far from the truss

I just thought the same thing.

I see that more times than you would think. Just had one last week where they put a clip every third truss.

Me three. too far. not hardly corroded at all. Underwriter is a fool :slight_smile: if it even made it that far. Many times idiots in the office try to make decisions they know nothing about.

Here’s another of the same clip. I don’t think it’s too far from the truss.


Have had that come up before. I don’t know how, but the client somehow was able to clean them up. He then got the discount

It still looks like it is more than 1/2 inch from the truss. As far as corroded, it only has some surface rust.

That is just surface rust, hardly severe corrosion, but that strap is almost an full inch away from the truss…toenail(ii)

Bu LL S H I T !
I’ve laid them outside in there boxed in the rain before I installed them.
Those will outlast the lumber they are attached to.
I don’t believe it.

Severe corrosion would be white in color. My guess is they are denying the “clip” credit because they are embedded too far from the truss without any blocking.

Yeah definitely greater than 1/2 inch…The bend don’t count :slight_smile: it is where it comes out of the tiebeam.

He should have put a ruler up next to it. It would have proved it.

I almost never can get to that point and am not going to make the underwriters start expecting it either.

I try to do what is best for “ALL” of us :slight_smile: Not saying anyone here in-particular does not I’m just saying Do not give them more than the bare min on INSURANCE INSPECTIONS. IT HURTS US AND USUALLY THOSE WHO PAY OUR BILLS. Unless of course you are in the insurance companies pocket and will sell a client down the river inn a heartbeat as long as the insurance scum keeps sending folks your way. Hell some even pay for the referrals the lowest of low.

Definitely too far, but the corrosion is not a problem.
Since the OIR hasn’t defined “corrosion” yet, it’s still in the eye of the beholder.

Couldn’t get close enough for a ruler. They said the clips were too corroded and said nothing about how close they were to the truss.

“They” are usually numskulls :slight_smile: Tell your client to threaten immediate
complaint to the OIR. Believe it or not it seems to work a lot for getting through to those who do not get it. At least then they ask someone that knows “just” to be sure they were right and then they learn.

I would have fought for that one on the corrosion part if the strap wasn’t spaced like that. And there is no need to place a ruler on these. The distance can be gauged by the 1.5" truss thickness.

Added: Just so you know, surface rust actually keeps the metal from getting corroded faster.

Great tip and observation :slight_smile:

Severe corrosion is when the sacrificial coating is completed rusted away and the metal is beginning to flake or eat away. A silver or white coating indicates normal wear and plenty of life span.

Based on the photos provided the strap is rusted NOT corroded. Most everyone else has accurately pointed out though the misalignment in the strap. It is definitely more than 1/4 inch from the truss (not sure where the 1/2 inch is coming from). Simpson Strong Tie installation manuals require blocking if the alignment is 1/8 inch off but we determined 1/4 was okay because 1/8 inch is difficult to see. At 1/2 inch or more the roof would move enough to be considered structurally damaged before the strap would engage for uplift resistance.