Is this normal or does it denote anything negative?

Water leaking

Horse PI$$ Ammonia storage of some chemicals will also do it.
Could there have been a cat litter box and lots of cats.
Chinese Dry wall

Appears that maybe the sink wasn’t used often and maybe the interior seals dried a bit and then when you use the faucet they seep just a hair and this happens over a long period of time, this is what you get. Just look like a small amount of seepage over a long period of time.

Still a leak . I like short and sweet . I queses thats why i put up with Sean lolol

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Touch the crust and tell us what happens. :smiley:

Deposits are signs of leaks . Small but a leak just like on galvanized pipe.
I am assuming you meant on the Pipe LOL
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It is normal, it denotes leaking/Corrosion.

Need to be replaced

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Two different metals. Electrolysis. Thats what it looks like. The fittings bought at same supplier.
Just a shot.