Corvette Museum Sinkhole

A corvette lover friend of mine sent this to me today. A sinkhole opened up under the middle of the corvette museum,

However, the most interesting part, in my mind, is when some engineering students used a drone to fly into the sinkhole; drone cam video:

I live about an hour from there and have visited many times. Three is a good lesson here somewhere.
The drone guys were cool, I agree wow… I remember as a kid watching the Jetsons… Someone back then had vision

That’s, one reason we suggest that Inspectors have some sink hole wording in their agreements especially in Florida.

It’s just down the aquifer from “Mammoth Cave”!

I have five sinkholes on my property! This is the land of caverns!

They are pretty obvious if you open your eyes and look around. General contractors seem to have a blindside (or are just plain stupid)!

If a Mennonite farmer is going to sell you 1000 acres of ground, he sure isn’t going to sell you some good cropland! That’s the first indication!