cost of crack epoxying

Anyone know the “typical” cost of epoxy injecting of foundation wall cracks? (Floor to ceiling, about 10ft long.) Rough estimates are fine.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Mark. I recently had a company pier my foundation. The company I did not go with offered to epoxy a crack for $700.00. The company I chose to “lift” my foundation did not do injections.

Thank Robert,
Believe it or not, this is new construction. The builders had already epoxied one crack (that still leaked). But had another crack with an active leak, and two others on this same wall that were dry. The buyers have asked the builder to epoxy all of them, but were wanting to know what the cost was incase the builder couldn’t get it done prior to close.

I had one done last winter. About 6 ft long from top to bottom. Cost me $300.

They injected the inside and then used concrete patch on as much of the outside as they could get to. (About a foot under grade) Worked good. No drips since.

Just a note, I asked the company that installed my piers about epoxy injections and they laughed a little and then gave me a tube of “Sonneborn NP 1” caulk. I went online and bought several tubes for about $3.00 a tube. Applies with a typical caulking gun. I definitely do not know a lot about the different products but so far, no leaks;)

Here’s a link:


I would have to think it would be a waste of time not repairing it from the outside in, rather than the inside out.

The entire foundation should be uncovered, sealed, pea gravel added, perforated pipe below the footing going into a sump pit, and pipe day-lighted out away from the foundation if the grade and property lines allow it.

Go to the posts from Mark Anderson…aka John Bubber, he knows everything there is to know about waterproofing in my opinion, and I agree with everything he says about these companies ripping people off with their temp. repairs.

Any injections are a temporary repair to a problem that will not last, waste of time as far as I’m concerned, I would tell a client that also.

Recommend them routinely…

I agree with Dale 100% and anything done on the inside will not be a cure, but temporary and a waste of money over time.

The root of the problem is outside and unfortunately, that is what needs to be repaired.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree 100%. Our new home has a few epoxied shrinkage cracks. No leaks so far, but the right way to fix it was outside…we just went with the epoxy because that’s what the builder was willing to do. I have a feeling we’ll be digging in the future. As for cost, I think it’s about $400 for the first 2 cracks and then a lower cost per crack for anything additional. FWIW, our cracks seem to open a little due to thermal expansion so sometimes the epoxy that holds the ports in place looks like it recracked. No water seepage yet so we’re happy about that, but like I said, outside is best…:smiley:

We had a few estimates and those who wanted to put polyurethane like foam in the crack (more flexible) wanted more $ per crack. How thick is the crack. They had a touch time getting epoxy into mine because they were so narrow.

When I purchased my home, I had two cracks on my foundation that leaked when it rained out. I called Crack-X and they epoxied the cracks and charged me $550.00 for both cracks and then gave me a ten year warranty against any further leaks in these cracks.

They were both injected from the interior and I have never had a speck of water enter these cracks since they’ve been epoxied. I highly recommend this company to all my clients with crack issues.


kinda hard to tell for certain but, one pic w/diagonal does NOT look like it penetrates THROUGH entire wall so, those won`t leak unless more soil pressure etc causes them to widen. Some NEVER widen-get worse,of course some do.If they do, NO epoxy/urethane is going to withstand lateral soil pressure and/or roots,footings etc that can lean-push against exterior wall.Not all walls have exterior clay soil pressure, or roots etc agst them

other leaky area ‘appear’ to be problem/result of opening(s) at,near,along,above,just under top of bsmt wall, thats why its wet UP HIGH. Cant tell if those are cracks, IF they are same chtt apllies.Do they penetrate to outside,some do and some dont etc.Also,they want to be sure rod holes arent going to become a problem after finishing bsmt. Some only have a CORK in dumb hole and/or exterior was only damproofedn most likely backfilled w/garbage soil and other crap. A CORK! Is this the BEST the builder/codes etc can come up with,huh? Why not pack da ho`s with cement/hydraulic cement, this would be best for HOMEOWNERS.

cost of injections depends who people call. Most often they are as low as $250-300 and up to $650, thats what i`ve seen for 30 years here in MI.

J/H posted Structa-bond, i have nothing agst them but not gonna toot their horn either. Here is their 2 year warranty…thats two :mrgreen: 1,2

2 years means nothing to me, just my opinion. Prolly means didley to NEXT HOMEOWNER when 50% of these injections RE-LEAK. Oh yes they do. Got Milk? Tell ya what though, at least THESE guys dont blccchttt people like many other Cos who offer those wonderful-supposed-BCHHT-Lifetime guarantees,sooner or later they gonna get ‘injected’ in own cracks.

Again, i have ZERO agst these guys, but seems BBB just started eyeballing/keeping track of em 2007…again NO big deal here is their record in one year.

have posted others who only do injections, some have 20+ customer complaints just within last 36 months, these are ones w/lifetime guarantee...gotta LOVE those!!! Its a freakin` Blllchttt STORY.Can injections of poured wall cracks be useful? Sure they can.Just nowhere near as often as some want you to believe

Yeah yeah yeah (not the Beatles) …BBB isn`t all that, agree but quite a few complaints within 36 months does make one wonder.

-Applications and Limitations
… ‘However, unless the crack is dormant(or the CAUSE of cracking is REMOVED,thereby making the crack dormant), it will probably RECUR,possibly somewhere else in the structure’

Injections…few pics…some ‘captions’ IMO are true and some aren`t

injections…prone to deterioration…

How about this answer to HO question,crack-leak. Theyll tell you theyre EXPERTS,got MILK?

Duh ummm, 2 options huh. Nothing about exterior…by the way, exterior of 1 crack usually $800-900…20 yr transf guarantee, an actual-real fk me guarantee from someone who has done waterproofing for 30 years, know whatll last,what is nonsense, believe what yas like.

2 options…both injections…first one THEY say 'Gives a COMPLETE SEAL THROUGH the ENTIRE CRACK, inside out. But oopsie daisy… they say they found out(the hard way) it can/does RE-LEAK.

Other option is brand spankin NEW injections,never tried it for 10-20+ years yet,lololol but they state it 'eliminates messy,UNRELIABLE epoxy and urethane injections and works EVERY TIME! well fk me, hey, never tried the chtt yet, how ya know its permanent and works every time over 10-20 years? Huh, help ME with that chtt, im a lil slow!!!

Chtt, they said SAME THING with their first OPTION! Come on. Most of these Cos who do injections dont excavate and arent insured for exterior work and, prolly dont have necessary labor/people to continually do this work.Yeah, some will say they do exterior, blllcttt, they dig down maybe…MAYBE 1-2’…this hardly repairs/waterproofs an entire vertical crack, they run all the way DOWN. So do most step/stair cracks.And chtt, there are horizontal cracks that run entire length of wall, not talking about those that can sometimes be seen at/around mid-wall, i mean Horz crack that is at TOP of first block off floor, off footing.
-Exterior Horiz crack, top of first block off floor/footing PIC`s 6,7,8,9 etc On THIS house/basement, HOR crack is NOT visible

Only POURED wall cracks these injections will last awhile in are thinner,hairline type cracks,if they are dormant. And it sure helps if SOIL on exterior wall was backfilled w/sand when built.Do these people who only-mostly do injections,do they thoroughly EXPLAIN to homeowners that exterior lateral soil pressure or roots,footings can cause these cracks to widen? Chtt, i doubt it. If they do i bet its in small,fine print on contract that most Hos dont freakin read. People want injections fine. But when home is sold and if injection was done and the MFR re-leaks due to exterior pressure(s) and people were NOT told, its the company-contractor that outta take it up the AZ due to INCOMPETENCE,NEGLIGENCE…omitting-obscurring material FACTS facts facts.

heres what they say []( im not with em on statement ‘a poured wall crack is generally caused by shrinkage’. believe what you like. among other things, they say… ‘if your repair method is injection alone, the crack will often get larger and re-leak’. This is true. Not all, some.
…‘Soil expansion and contraction CAUSES foundation movement and re-leaking…’ yep, sure does happen. Not just soil either, roots,footings,concrete slabs,nearby construction/equipment,underground vibrations etc

One more thing dammittt, lolol, hey, if you have vertical crack in poured wall and wanna TRY something,wanna save that cash then TRY try try this…
V-chisel the crack out, gotta get IN there,the further penetration the better.
Clean all loose chtt out.Then wet/moisten the area and apply hydraulic cement.
I said…TRY. This is most-often as good OR BETTER than injection. hey, these Cos ever tell ya to try this? Prolly not.Have had a few Hos who did this,couple lasted 15-20 YEARS, uh huh.I wouldn`t do it if i were selling the house,no sir.

In 30 years, we`ve never seen 1 crack that was injected(re-leaked) where the epoxy etc came through to the outside, not one.

And thanks Mr Duffy, we try.Really try to weed through alot of the garbage/myths but its SNOT easy, a few against thousands

I agree with John on the last point. They seal the outside to “prevent epoxy from shooting out the other side”, but below grade there is no evidence that the epoxy makes it all the way through. Perhaps on a really wide crack, but not the hairline sort that I have.

Jay Buzz

Hi ya Mr Jay :mrgreen:

The ‘wiser’ inside injectors/Cos wont attempt wide cracks, believe it or not. they actually realize their injection wont hold up long enough to get THEM through their warranty period or they realize there is lateral soil pressure,roots etc that causes many cracks and can cause further widening which then screws up their injection.There will always be a few who`ll do anything for money

Hope your doing well Jay man.

I agree, I used to inspect petroleoum tank moats and they would always epoxy the side that would see the largest hydrostatic pressure. Applying epoxy to the inside of the basement is a waste of time and money. A repair like this should always be done from the outside.

In my former life, we did these repairs quite often. Most cracks like this are repaired by making the v-notch in it, then polyurethane is better than epoxy since it gets pulled toward and into moisture then sets; then if possible, portland cement the outside if it goes all the way through. These fixes are probably not permanent but should last at least 20 years or so. Just my 2 cents worth.

Had a company present at a NACHI chapter meeting on this subject. Later, used that company for a neighbor’s foundation crack. Crack was 6’ top to bottom. The company put a layer of epoxy quick cure on the inside wall surface with injection ports every 8". This just sealed the walls surface for step two. Step two: Once the surface was cured they injected a thinner epoxy starting at the bottom port until it ran out the next upper port. That epoxy ran throught the crack to the outside. They then injected the next upper port the same way untill all ports were filled. The result was epoxy from bottom to top and inside to outside. Cost $300.

Forgot to mention the cost was $300.

I’ve been doing epoxy repairs for 5 years now. The company I work with has been around for close to 20… We offer the lifetime gaurantee that some here have laughed at… I can proudly say that we have never been called back for a leak in a repaired crack

That’s wonderful Rob :mrgreen:

What company do you work for? :-k

And umm, what does this company do for leaky block basements? :-k

And on poured wall cracks, do you peeps ALWAYS do interior injections, for each and every crack? :-k

In 36 years my dumb az has been around, somewhere around 1/2 of all interior injections of poured wall cracks we’ve seen have re-leaked.