Cost of Iraqi Freedom a mere pittance

Cost of various US wars in 2006 dollars according to today’s USAToday:

WWII: $3.6 trillion [with a “T”]

Global war on terror: $536 Billion

Just wait until those Iranian crack pots get the bomb. Then the cost of this war will catch up to WWII.

If hooking Up an Iraqi prisoner’s testicles to a car’s battery cables will save one American GI’s life, then I have just two things to say:

Red is positive, black is negative.

Waste of electricity; bullet behind the ear.

If USA And Canada back of and pull out I fear the future.
I wish we had not gone in but we have to win, to leave now and those crack pots will think the can beat the world .
History has shown these people have been raised this way for ever.
They teach it to their kids from birth

The **Persian Wars. **

If USA And Canada back of and pull out I fear the future.
I wish we had not gone in but we have to win, to leave now and those crack pots will think the can beat the world .
I agree, and I believe we have way too much Invested as a Country to pull out now.
History has shown these people have been raised this way for ever.
They teach it to their kids from birth

According to my own Son that served in Iraq for thirteen months, they get brainwashed at about 12 years old. It is not safe for anyone to trust above that age. My son was a Combat Medic with the 1st Cavalry.
These people have been fighting for 2000 years and unfortunately, they will still fight after we are gone. Our work over there, hopefully will just slow it down.

The **Persian Wars. **/quote)

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry. Have to disagree.

“We” should have gone in sooner. How many Iraqi and Afghani men,women and children need to be slaughtered by their own ‘government’ before we have a reason to stop it? As moral people do we not have a responsibility to help those who cannot save themselves?

If we stand by and do nothing while evil dictators and vile insane religious crackpots murder, torture, rape, and otherwise abuse hundreds of thousands of their own people, are we any better than they?

And before anyone says “We have no business over there.” Remember, we fought the second world war for the same reasons. If the United states had joined earlier and had England not stood alone against the Nazis for two years the horror perpetrated against humanity might have been averted. That is the lesson we seem to have forgotten today.

“To you, with failing hands, we pass the torch.” That is the torch of freedom and civilization. If we do not hold it high now and protect it as a treasure, it will be swamped and snuffed out by the rising tide of Islamo-fascism that is coming from the east.

We should be there and we must finish the job.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


These have been waring people for ever . The soviets lost 15,000 and 37,000 seriously injured 1978 to 1988 when they gave up . Do you think our governments are going to do that .
They have lived and controlled those hills and will continue to do it .
This could bankrupt both our countries .
Do I have the answer I think so but wonder where it would end if we go in with nuclear war heads
Roy Cooke

Speaking from Past Experience……

On more than one occasion we entered a small village and found all of the little children beaten and many raped. Some had been murdered in front of their parents and their dead and mutilated bodies left to rot in the sun. The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers did this in order to terrorize the villagers and to make the point of “If you aid and abet the American’s and or the South Vietnamese we will return and kill *All *of your children”.

This was reported but weeks later I still did not see, or hear, of a single American War protester raise their voice in concern. I am sure that the North Vietnamese soldiers and the Viet Cong could have given a rats a$$ about the opinions of America’s “politically Correct” war protesters.

We had been trailing this “Local Political Cadre” through the jungle for 9-days. When we caught up with them in their own village we ran up against the local Viet Cong and a reinforced NVA company. There were 12 of us and between 150 to 200 of them. After receiving heavy fire from all directions we called in helicopter gun ships, artillery and air strikes. Two hours later reinforcements were choppered in. The NVA and Viet Cong broke off the engagement and fled leaving 47 bodies behind.

Our “After Action Report” clearly detailed the beatings, rapes, murders, and the effort it took to trail this unit.

The “news report”?
Green Berets bomb friendly village, 47 innocent villagers killed or wounded.

So the Iraq war like the Viet Nam war is being fought on two fronts. The one in Iraq is “winnable” the one at home is in question.
We cannot waiver, we must not falter.

Sgt. Frank Carrio (Small).jpg

Sgt. Frank Carrio (Small).jpg

Many of us seem to have forgotten that the mission in the mid east was to hunt the Bin Laden terrorist. We were and still are being mislead into thinking the war on terror in in Iraq. Personally I don’t think all of Iraq and it’s Oil is worth even one of our brave Americans lives. As for evil dictators and such,I believe there is one off the coast of Florida, there’s probably a couple in China, a few in North Korea, and some in Africa killing thousands. But, you know what they don’t have OIL…

I don’t really care what country we kill, maim and otherwise destroy terrorists in…as long as it’s not ours.:wink:

Pull all of the troops out and drop a couple of A-Bombs. Then the rest of the world will have the respect for us that they had after World War II.

The only thing this war is doing is making the rich richer.

Peace through superior fire power! Take Fallujah for instance, circle the city, tell everyone to exit via checkpoints, then flatten the thing. Political correctness and terrorists taking advantage of our laws of free speech will be our demise if we don’t grow some cohones.

You go Greg B! Semper Fi bro.


What about the human cost?

And if that’s what it takes[in $] then so be it. I don’t think anyone wants to see another 9/11 well except that son of a bitch “osama bin fcuking.” and his followers.

As long as we were moving through Iraq like a hot knife thru butter and had them by the scruff of the neck and was kicking them in the a$$ every step of the way we did have the world attention. Once it fell and we started building chow halls and rec centers it became something else. Then it was turned over to politicians to make decisions and all the arm chair generals and keyboard commandos (many who have never been in any conflict, let alone been to Iraq) are now second guessing everything going back to Vietnam. I get tired of hearing about Vietnam. We won every damn battle over there but the war was lost right here in America for the same damn reasons this one is floundering. The media ONLY reports the bad and the ugly and leaves out the GOOD! If Saddam didn’t have anything bigger than a BB gun and a salad shooter in his arsenal we had every right under the UN resolutions in place at the time to go in there and kick him square in the cubes. He was shooting at our airplanes in the no-fly zones every day. He was violating all the existing resolutions he signed on to after Desert Storm. The only reason we had to go back a second time is because we didn’t insist on them dragging his scroungy a$$ along with his sons, brothers and the rest of his henchmen out into the desert and turn him over to us as part of the original agreement.


“Finish the job”? I , like so many others would like to reduce the entire area to a smoking radio active crater. But that just ain’t going to happen.

We have to show these gangsters, and that is what they are, that they cannot win. We have to show them that they can sacrifice themselves and gain nothing. As long as they think that every bomb is driving us out of Iraq and Afghanistan they will continue to bomb. I only hope that the democrats in washington and the liberals in Ottawa and London can see this before they make a truly historic mistake.

It would have been best if Bush had been able to tell everyone that the true reason for going to Iraq was to control Iran. But then the screaming masses who chant “No war for oil!” are too simplistic to make the connection unless it is stated in ten words or less. And those who think that this little war will bankrupt the west are painfully unaware of what awaits under an Iranian mushroom cloud. Not to act proves that we are morally bankrupt.