Cost of radon measuring equipment?

Does any one know of deals for radon measuring gear? Besides ebay? I know there are many various types of devises, but want to gather pricing for most widely used equipment. InterNachi have any dealers?

I of course like Pro-Lab at (This is a biased opinion).

Scott- Please align yourself with reputable companies. Pro-lab is the worst lab available in my opinion. Once you get branded into the low budget, low class organization, its hard to get out of it.

Just ask the people who actually make a living doing this such as Doug Wall and James Braun. The reason these guys are making a ton of loot on environmental is that they have aligned themselves with QUALITY labs and appear professional in every aspect.

Its your reputation and the only one you got, don’t ruin it over using an “inexpensive” lab.

Always check qualifications: … and price.

Once you get snookered into using a high cost kit from a high price organization, its hard to get your money back.

Just ask or watch the true leaders in the environmental arena in your area, the real movers and shakers and see who they use. Let that be your beacon of light.

Story on the streets is Nick is financially tied to Pro lab. Silly guy…

This is what most in my area use.