Cost Savings for Commerical Buildings

Does any one know any information that is floating around for cost savings found through infrared on buildings. Not homes but commercial buildings.

OJ Utter

I don’t follow your thoughts on this why would the standards be different on a commercial building over a residential building they all have the same components as to IR capabilities

There is really no way to determine that without having specific defects and the tariffs for the utility services that were elevated because of the defect. You would also need to know what percentage of energy is being lost because of the defect.


It depends on what exactly you are looking for. Costs savings in relation to what application?

Here are a couple links that may help:


Actually I was looking for something in presentation format directed at the large commercial building industry. Although there isn’t a different standard for commercial the buildings are quite different. And while yes the calculations like using the Energy Savings Estimator on the Resource CD from itc can be used it is still easier to speak to someone in the commercial world using commercial examples rather than converted residential info.
I agree Scott for a specific situation but using general terms and example when talking with executives and managers gives you a starting point to start the ball rolling. Sort of like this for vibration: But if that person doesn’t have a CNC Machine they don’t grasp that as well so I go to something else like this: And on and on it goes.
Thanks for the info Kevin. I have some things on those applications but it never hurts to have more.

By the way Charley the connections on my website for the video and other stuff on the ultrasound page has been fixed.

OJ Utter