Costumer Referrals

I am always surprised to read how many colleagues claim to generate substantial income from former costumer referrals. I am very curious to learn about the actual number of recommendations these home inspectors receive each month - and whether these colleagues operated in big cities or rural areas.

I am now in this business for 32 years with a relatively good track record. But I certainly would have starved to death long time ago if I had depended on referrals from home buyers who have appreciated my service in the past.

It is an undisputed fact that the majority of home inspections are being carried out by *“preferred” *practitioners who come *“highly recommended” *by the real estate profession. Considering that we have about **22,000 influential real estate agents in Toronto **- the chance that a prospective home buyer will use the services of a home inspector who comes recommended by a former satisfied customer - is in my experience - close to zero.

I can wait to hear from competitors eager to prove me wrong.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - **TORONTO

Please don’t take offense to this, but you must not be as good as you state you are then.

I don’t solicit to realtors. Strictly internet marketing, 90% of my business is because I have made a past customer extremely satisfied. Those customers that are truly satisfied, are the ones that brag about me and tell their friends and family. I can happily say that most of my customer base is like a family to me. I hear back from them often, I hear from their neighbors, their children, their church group and the list goes on.

You have to show consumers that you love what you do, show them it’s a passion. Their experience with you and your company will change from that point on.

But that’s just my experience.


I don’t get any referrals from people wearing costumes. :slight_smile:

did a 24 unit in Oshawa a few months ago, got a call from a friend of the buyer to do his 12 unit in newmarket, and the buyer called me the other day to do a 18 unit in hamilton, and thats just one client.
Rudolf my client are prolly my best advertising, they tell thier agents about me and have one called to do a " Tester inspection" , they liked my inspection, the report, the education and delivery of the inspection as well. I am sorry if there not calling yo back, maybe next time I’m in the area we can have a coffee and chat about a few things and do some brain storming if you will.
Always looking to meet new people and make new friends

Paul: I certainly do not get referrals from people in **“costumes” - but unfortunately from *“customers” ***either. Sorry for the typo.

**William: **My expressed experience is based only on **home inspections **- and not on referrals from clients who have used my service to have commercial properties inspected.


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… but until we have a government that can answer a simple question, I have done nothing but referral inspections for 10 + years and have never been asked about my prices, or the quality of work I perform.

Show me a better plan…

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Rudolph my example was just that as it happened a few days ago, I have many home referrals as well, But it was more an invite to meet and have a coffee,
guess thats a no then. You have a good day…

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