Could HIP be in our future?

No not Home Inspector Pro.
Home Information Packets.

It seems they are required in UK and one wonders with so much of our problems blamed on predatory lending ,whether or not the USA may have something like this in place next year.

How would this effect the Home Inspection Industry?

Hi Bob,

last I heard that scheme failed in the UK due to pressure from the Real estate agents.



Quite the opposite Gerry.

Check it for today’s date
They have bumped it up from 28 days to immediate.

Yeah Bob, thats why I deleted my post I realised I was out of date.



Any opinion? , as I would not doubt that the feds will pushing all sorts of paperwork requirements down our throats .

If anything Bob, I see the lenders and insurers mandating property inspections, it is in their best interest to know more about what they are lending on or insuring.

Having said that, I can see pre-listing inspections grabbing quite a bit of traction given the current very high levels of inventory in many areas.



That’s what I was thinking.
Might be interesting to be a little birdie, on a UK Inspector forum.

Here you go Bob. Two websites for ya. Don’t recall if you have access to their forums or not.:slight_smile:

I will look them over.
Should be a good indicator of what happens here.