Could Mike Bloomberg make Sarah Palin president?

Could Mike Bloomberg make Sarah Palin president?

In New York magazine, John Heilemann presents an elaborate scenario under which Sarah Palin secures the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 and then claims the White House, thanks to a third-party candidacy from Michael Bloomberg: By the accounts of strategists in both parties, Bloomberg—especially with the help of his billions—would stand a reasonable chance of carrying New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and California. Combine that with a strong-enough showing in a few other places in the industrial Northeast to deny Obama those states, and with Palin holding the fire-engine-red states of the South, and the president might find himself short of the 270 electoral votes necessary to win.

If the Democrats have a lousy week next week, and loose control of the senate, that will not set to well with them. Look for the Dems to perhaps look at Hillary (and Bill) to be nominated for 2012 instead of the guy they now have.

It may be a female election in 2012.

I’ve been predicting for months that the Clintonistas - Carville, Begala, Myers - will soon start undermining Obama - I know, he’s doing a yeoman-like job of that himself - to elevate Hillary’s chances to challenge him in the Primary in 2012.

He will not be re-elected and may not get the nomination.