Could This be a NACHI Memeber?

My guess is Dominic… he works way too hard :D:D:D;-)


lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:shock: :shock: Where’d you get those pictures from??? we know where they got them from

Sheesh, Dominic, at least upgrade the Vodka…I’ll have a hangover tommorrow just from looking at that Gordon’s bottle. ;-):vomit:

They are coming after you Dennis! :mrgreen:

Your webcam!!! LOL

Really though, it’s amazing what you can stumble across on the web.

Very true. It’s an expansive place with billions of pages, kind of scary!! HELP DOMINIC, THEY’RE MULTIPLYING ON ME

That’s funny. They’re chasing you and Dennis, he said he’s having dreams of little green inspectors chasing him! I had to get all my work done somehow, finally figured out the cloning thing!