Could this "defect" have been prevented?

Why hire a pro? I only have TWO branches to cut! :o :shock: #-o :-;;

Ice dams and stuff 001.jpg

So, when this idiot was cutting this huge branch, which way did he actually think it was going to fall? UP? Sideways?

Gravity will always win. What are we going to do with these brainless people?

Could this “defect” have been prevented?

Yes. All they had to do was to move the house eight and a half feet the other way…:roll: :roll:

I think I can see a rope tied around the upper part of the existing trunk. I’ll bet he was hoping to somehow control the cut limb with that rope but underestimated the weight and/or physics of of the limb.

What about all the split timber? It looks to me like the tree cracked during a windstorm and they cut the trunk between the house and the tree to allow access.

Not being on site makes it hard to assess…