Could we have a "back to Message Board" button ...

After posting a reply and at the bottom of a page, it would be nice to have a button to put us back to the message board - right?

Dennis, you may be onto something !!!


just hit your back button…takes you right back where you were…

Or just hit the “Message Board” tab on the right column next to the areas where posts are viewable.

I figured it had to be something simple…

I was trying to twitch my nose like Samantha on “Bewitched” but that wasn’t cutting it…



What do you mean? When I write a post it just appears above me. Doesn’t change pages or anything, just keeps me on the subject that I posted on.

Right, but I often find that I am now done with that thread and want to move on.

So, I scroll to the top of the page and hit the “Message BOard” link on the left. A “back to forum” button could accomplish the smae thing, but I think it would be a poor use of our tech staff’s time…they could be doing something really important like developing some system where people can “rate” each other and give or take away gold stars from each other’s board!:smiley:

Ahh…just hit your back button in your browser…takes you right back…no cables or nothing…

Tony, my “back” button takes me back to my post that I wrote, then to the board before I posted, then to the main forum. That’s three clicks! I can’t just keep clicking away like that - I get tired!:smiley:

Seriously - I like going back to the main forum, mostly because I may miss some other important posts that I want to rate (which were posted while I was posting!):smiley:

I wonder why yours does that and my back button takes me back to the area I was just in?

Probably because I hit new posts…I never visit the main forum page…

Might be…perhaps I am dwelling in the past too much and should try your method.

Once you post and go back to the top, look in the box just above the Control Panel Users List Calendar etc. bar. There are some folders there.

For this forum it has the folder then, NACHI Message Board > General > Misc. Discussion. Each of those are underlined.

If you want to go back to the current forum, you can click the last one (Misc. Discussion in this example), if you want to go to the sub category click hit the second one (General in this example), or if you want to go back to the main message board click the first (Message Board in this example).

That will do exactly what you want.