could you suggest a solution

I want to raise the height of the parking entrance shown in pictures. I’m thinking of just break down the opening beam right under the ceiling joists as it looks like (to me)a non structure element and in this way I will save money than digging under the opening and relevel the floor. what is your suggestion?
another question please: Does the OBC mentioned the minimum height of this kind of opening rather than Part 3 ( as this a townhouse bldg.

That’s going to require a structural engineer’s approval on whatever modification you’re thinking of, not to mention local permits and inspections.

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I don’t think it would be there if it were non-structural.

That is all totally structure–that doorway is holding up the exterior wall as far as the picture shows…i would be greatly surprised if it was cheaper going up, than busting up a concrete floor (which likely isn’t structural) and going down. Either way you would need permits, stamped drawings etc.

Also since this is a townhouse building and that looks like the entrance to multiple parking spaces, unless you are the owner of the entire building you wouldn’t be allowed to do any mods any way (and if you are the building owner why are you posting questions on a message board asking these types of questions? What if we said “its all good” would you really proceed??–this is just weird…)

Don’t do it. :shock:

If you believe the “opening beam” (Header) is a “Non structure element” you need to stay Far Away from this project and hire a Professional.

Most parking garages limit the opening height to protect other structural members within the parking garage. So making he opening higher may not be a viable option, also a taller opening means a taller (heaver) vehicle could enter. That floor system has design limitations, so hire a structural engineering firm with parking garage experience.

Holy Crap! Of course it’s structural!!!

Buuuut…if you’d like to give it the old college try, please video it and upload to YouTube. A link back on this thread would be great too. :smiley:

It is structural for sure, and would need to be replaced with proper lintel (likely steel beam). But as mentioned by others, a lot to think about so you need engineer/architect to help in planning and design. Then … you get permits and can begin work. Not just a knock out and patch up job.

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It’s structural for sure!

Since you need to ask, better talk to a structural engineer. This is not something you can do yourself.