Countdown to our 1 millionth post on this message board!

We topped 950,000 posts today.

50,000 to go to hit 1 million… and counting down.

How many post per day? Average

Several hundred.

I did a little calculation: We topped 900,000 on 6/26/2012, 174 days ago. 50,000/174=287 posts/day on average.

The 1 millionth Poster sounds like someone special, will he get a prize?:):wink:

Oh yeah!


Start posting guys. :mrgreen::wink:

I wonder if the number of post is related to this site becoming much slower over the last few months?

I keep hearing that, but have not noticed any slow down on my end. I use DSL.

Sure is slower for me it frequently stops for a few seconds .

I was using DSL at 3.0 mbps, site was slow. I now use cable at 40.00 mbps (10 times faster). This site is still slow on my end. Only one I have trouble with.
Chris said Nachi sites use different servers. My signal and yours are probably coming from different ones.

How do you find out what speed you operate at?

The catch is if something happens to Mike Larson it could take 10 years to get there

At either of these two places. (click “BEGIN TEST”)

0.74, looks like I am at turtle speed.

Sure looks alright to me though. :slight_smile:

Do believe the numbers will increase as the site gets closer … add one more:p

I want to be the 1,000,000 th post !!

Add another one. We’ll get there.

Will it happen before Jan 1 2013?

At 700 a day it would be close!!