Counter Outlet

Kitchen counter outlet, OK???

If it is on the counter back spash it is fine…the label means it is downstream of a GFCI receptacle or breaker…more than likely a receptacle since those little labels come with the receptacles and not the breaker…:slight_smile:

I don’t see a problem. What’s your concern here Brian, it’s height?

Funny enough…being low on the splash is not a problem…dont want to be higher than 20" above…but ironically you can butt the plate right to the bottom if you wish…looks nasty but hey…it happens…

On this image I dont see any problems…

OH WAIT…I see…the defect is that CHEAP tester you are using…thehehehe…sorry

Yes, I am not sure of the height requirement.

I found it there Paul.:wink: :wink: :wink:

height requirement…view my previous post young man…:slight_smile:

DUH, I got it Paul.:roll: Thanx.:slight_smile:

Oh, and the stickers, in my experience, mean the outlets have stickers.:wink:

lol…yeah…I have never seen them come with a GFCI breaker…theheh…or if they did my son would have them like he takes the ones that come with the GFCI receptacles…

Hell…years ago…even BARNEY had a GFCI protected BELLY at one point

well, safty first.:mrgreen:

For safety reason, I would have installed that receptacle with the narrow (live) slots in the downward position instead of it’s present upward position; reason being that if that faceplate was replaced with a stainless steel coverplate and became loose and dropped…

The cheap tester is exactly what a normal homeowner might use in the course of a normal day after a trip to Home Depot, Lowes, and Dixieline to compare prices of outlet testers, only to find that there are five brands from $9.95 to $14.95, and a few brands from $249.95 to $449.95, and, after trying to buy a $249.95 tester, at which point his Home Depot card was declined, jogging his memory about last weekend when his wife came home with $3,482.71 worth of flowers, bushes, shrubs, trees, water fountains, soil, landscape rock and bark, outdoor speakers, and, of course, a couple of cute flamingos, squirrels, and turtles to re-landscape the front yard in order to one-up the Joneses for one more year.

Wow. I haven’t written a sentence that long in, hmmmmmm, about two weeks. :smiley:

In other words, my LIST, BASIC, and STANDARD inspections are visual inspections with some testing using normal operator controls and/or equipment that a normal homeowner might use during the course of a normal day. I have yet to see a normal homeowner with a $249 outlet tester; seems only licensed electricians and licensed general contractors have them. Of course, even though I am not licensed in California for anything other than owning and operating a business, I do have a $249 outlet tester that I use for my PREMIUM and TECH inspections, which cost much, much more than the LIST, BASIC, and STANDARD inspections, so they can justify the higher cost of the higher end equipment. Seems to work well for me.

very nice

lol…ahhhh…RRay…i was teasing him fella…I don’t care what tester Brian uses…lol…as long as he uses one…:slight_smile:

OH…and BTW…How do YOU know my wife so well…thehehe

Actually I do care now what tester Brian uses…well not really…just wanted to post that

There are two sides to every coin, including the use of specialized testing equipment on a home inspection.

On the one side it may provide useful information in a few situations, as long as you completely understand what is being measured and have standards you can apply to those measurements. On the other side it can get you in trouble if you don’t know what you are doing (equipment isn’t a substitute for good training and experience), or miss defects you could have picked up using the specialized equipment.

Very similar to what I call my “Harry Homeowner Rule”, which is very defensible from a legal point of view performing a “visual” inspection of a home (look at the SOP your contract should reference), and has served me well for over 20 years doing inspections and evaluations … as well as kept me out of trouble more than once. See this old topic … But to each his own.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink: