Counterfeit Copper Ground Rods


HARRISBURG, N.C.- Underwriters Laboratories recently posted a public notice to alert Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), electrical contractors, electricians and retailers of counterfeit copper-coated ground rods that carry a UL symbol along with a fake listing mark.
The thickness of the copper plating for these ground rods does not comply with U.S. and Canadian Standards for Safety. It is unknown whether the ground rods are suitble to ensure an adequate ground path.

The listing number, 4X41, that is stamped on the rods appears to be something that someone simply made up. The rods are most likely imported although the country of origin has not been determined.

The rods in question are ¾" x 8’ copper coated rods. Galvan Industries has confirmed with UL that there is no “4X41” listing for any copper-coated ground rod of any diameter or length.

Ah!!! Free trade…cheap materials…no standards…can’t be beat!!!

This is not about safety it’s just UL making a stink about someone ripping off their trademark. According to the NEC 3/4" ground rods aren’t even required to be listed.