Course for Basic Terminology

Hi everyone! I am Marshall and have just signed up for interNachi and am on my way to becoming certified! The site is great and I am learning a lot so far. There are some hiccups, however. I feel like I need some basic terminology and explanations for certain things. Such as electrical terms/characteristics, roofing terms and general knowledge of how different systems (plumbing for instance) work. I have searched through and found some information scattered about but I feel like I am doing a lot of digging to find things pertaining to my situation. Am I missing something? Should I be able to know the difference between a rafter and a joist already? I’m here to learn and not just take courses so some basic knowledge would be great in helping me understand these certifications better. Thanks for your help!

This may help

Glossary - Int’l Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

wow, thanks! Yes, this will definitely help!