Course materials - print or online?

I’m considering the InterNACHI training, but I have some questions about the course materials and what formats they’re available in.

I read here that “the courses are written in pure XHTML code” and “load fast… even with dial-up modems”.

Can I also print the materials for each course and keep them for future reference and “offline” study?

What about other formats or digital options like e-readers or tablets? I don’t own either at the moment, but can I read the materials on devices like that?

I’ve never taken online courses like this before, and don’t really like reading long articles or books on my computer, so I just want to know exactly what to expect.

Thanks very much,


I took my courses online at my own leisure. You can stop in the middle of a course and return back to the same page whenever you have time to continue. There are also many video courses I was very pleased with the results.

I did most of mine on my iPad. you can take them on your phone too.

I didn’t print any online course student books. I did all of mine online and on my phone.

Some courses include a pdf download when you start the course. The main course materials are available through and are available in hard copy as well as pdf format that you can use on whatever device you want. You can print the pdfs if you want a hard copy to look at and study.

During the online course part there is no way to print off the pages i have found. If there is something you think you will have a hard time remembering just take a note, write it in your hard copy of the book or take a screenshot. The courses are very well built and if you read the course materials ahead of time, should not have any need for many notes.