Courses unavailable

I’m currently in progress of the 120 hrs and for the last few hours I cannot access any of them. They won’t load and give me a “problem loading page” error. I can access everything else.
Anyone else having issues?


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I am also having the same issue. I did get a message stating they are having server issues. To check back in 10-15 min. It has been 2 hours.

Same issue here. Rest of the website seems to be running fine. They may be on a different server.

Thanks for the heads up guys. Thought I had an isolated issue.

I guess the system is down

Welcome to the forum, Guys. Enjoy!!

Back up and running…

Same issue, but was resolved and no further issues!

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Welcome to our forum Hayden, Rick Jonathan and Shawn!..Enjoy and participate.


Thank you Larry. Appreciate you reaching out.

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Thanks for the welcome Larry. Appreciate it very much!

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