Court gave us the trial schedule in MICB vs. GAHI case


Time to Answer 1/24/2022
Deadline for Discovery Conference 2/23/2022
Discovery Opens 2/23/2022
Initial Disclosures Due 3/25/2022
Expert Disclosures Due 7/23/2022
Discovery Closes 8/22/2022
Plaintiff’s Pretrial Disclosures Due 10/6/2022
Plaintiff’s 30-day Trial Period Ends 11/20/2022
Defendant’s Pretrial Disclosures Due 12/5/2022
Defendant’s 30-day Trial Period Ends 1/19/2023
Plaintiff’s Rebuttal Disclosures Due 2/3/2023
Plaintiff’s 15-day Rebuttal Period Ends 3/5/2023
Plaintiff’s Opening Brief Due 5/4/2023
Defendant’s Brief Due 6/3/2023
Plaintiff’s Reply Brief Due 6/18/2023
Request for Oral Hearing (optional) Due 6/28/2023

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