"Cover Letter" w/report?

I get that waffling feeling sometimes when a client is asking a question I know I should be careful in answering, lol.

Your two points are not exclusive of each other.
I own and operate a business. I am always cognizant of liability, but I am not afraid of it, because I am always cognizant of it. I protect myself, my business, and my clients by operating as a professional. There is a huge difference from what you are inferring of others.

I’ve owned an operated many businesses. Pretty sure I know what I “inferred”…

You inferred that “too many” inspectors are reckless wienies and make ‘you’ look like a ‘waffler’!!
Perhaps you are.

Looking in a mirror 3

FWIW, I seem to be getting more absentee inspections lately. I’ve started calling those clients after the inspection. I think talking directly to me, hearing my melodic voice and witty charm, helps instill confidence even if they say, “No, I don’t think I have any questions. Your report was pretty thorough. But, thanks for calling.”

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Could you just call me occasionally for no reason…that sounds awesome :wink: