Covered Perils

Inspectors may be more likely to be sued because of this little change.

If their perils are not covered they may look elsewhere for remedies.

So you saying if we miss a leak during an inspection someone is going to sue us? How? If this is a home inspection then it was already occurring. We don’t warranty or guarantee any plumbing fixtures or appliances… Not really seeing the angle on this I guess… also these policies will probably be quite rare.

I am saying if they can not claim it on insurance, they are going to look somewhere.

I believe they will be as common as can be.
I see people loosing their houses daily because they cannot pay the con folks at Citizen’s.

Now they are going to pay every bit they can thinking they are doing their family good an poof everything and all their assets and credit will be gone. :frowning:

Another way for Citizens to get as much money as possible and pay out as little as possible. It should not even be called insurance with those restrictions.

You have a point here. Prepare and publish your report correctly and you can eliminate many of potential suits. You can be sued for anything but it is an ignorant lawyer that fights a losing cause. Yea, I know, bunch of them out there also.