Covering yourself

Further evaluation/diagnosis IMO is really just a matter of semantics and writing style. I think diagnosis is much better for what we do, lest a client see “futher evaluation” for each defect and wonder what we evaluated. :mrgreen:

And stole is so evil. Who shared with who is much better. ;-):mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right, Rick. Whoever shared it with me, I’m grateful.


Stealing is such an ugly word…:wink:

BTW, I seemed to have forgotten who I “borrowed the phrase in perpetuity” from.

Classy, ain’t I?

Most times I do the same. But (there’s always one) if I find a questionable foundation I will recommend that an engineer evaluate and specify repairs if needed.

Might do the same on a structural beam. (I can calculate loads and usually can satisy myself that is OK or not. Not OK means engineer to specify repair. OK it’s not an issue. But it could conceivably fall into a gray area based on presumptions. If I can’t call it clearly then I’m not embarrassed to recommend that it’s questionable and needs to be evaluated by an appropriate specialist.

But no one (especially you newbies) should think that I or any experienced inspector will punt most of the time. The key being background in inspection and related fields (measured in many years) and knowledge (measured in serious effort to get every bit of knowledge I can find).

When I recommend further evaluation, it does not mean to just repair, it is to evaluate the cost of the repairs and to give the client the necessary knowledge of how the problems can/do affect the current/future value and function of the dwelling and what it will take to make the house a home that they will be happy to come too after a hard day at the office.I don’t just use it as insurance. JMO Kenn

You are right on course, always check as much as you can, I always have and have never had a complaint about checking all of them, except from an impatient agent on occasion. Kenn

I’ve got 32 years experience. I feel further evaluation is totally adequate.

Especially as in the case of a fireplace flue when you can’t see EVERY section OR when the A/C is cooling but not enough, etc, etc, etc.

WE are the initial SCREENING process NOT the FINAL solution MOST of the time. WE are there to RED FLAG there is a problem OR potential problem.

I personally think if you find 20 problems in one area, that a licensed person should come and evaluate it. That many problems is a problem, and someone before did not know what they were doing. I though our job was to find problems, and not spend hours to trace every one down. I am not going to name all 20 issues. If the electrician, who specializes in that field, can not see the issues, then they need a different job. I can handle adding several, not multiple. If the whole house is riddled with problems. It should be reviewed. I personally inspected a home once, and I found five outles that were correct. That’s it. Everything else including the main panel were fubar. I think in that case every light fixture should be pulled down. If they can’t wire an outlet right, what else is there?