Covid 19 problems

Just went to do a home inspection. A boat load of people were in the house and a pit bull dog on the loose at time of inspection. No one in the the home was wearing a mask so I got in my truck and left not wanting to be infected. Have any of you come into a situation like this. The house was a wreck and they were not going to leave while doing inspection.

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It happens… but it’s up to you to run the show. Did you contact the buyer and ask them to contact their agent because the house wasn’t “inspection ready” for you to inspect. The agents are usually always on the ball to do whatever is needed for you to do your job because otherwise they cannot sell the house.

You did well, Ernest. :smile:

Health is more important than money.


Agreed. Call the listing agent and let them know they’ll need to better inform their seller as to how things need to be… If they want to sell the house.

Due to the virus situation we’re going thru, I respectfully request the seller and any occupants (if not vacant) not be present.
The buyer, if coming, should show up near completion, which is estimated at approx 11AM.
Please assure the seller door knobs, handles, kitchen & bathroom surfaces will be treated upon completion.
Thank you!

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


Their “lets deter the inspector plan” worked perfectly. I would have left as well.

I think Russel is right, they obviously were trying to deter the inspector. In todays climate I would absolutely be in contact with the agent, and/or client to let them know I cannot perform an inspection when it creates a health hazard.

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Was it renters living there? Those are some of the worst ones I have done. They have nothing to lose if they don’t leave the house.