COVID Safety Procedures Flier

In an effort to put buyers and realtors and sellers at ease with my presence in their home, I am writing a procedure flier to let them know that I am aware of (and proactive in) their needs for health safety.
If you have ideas how to make this better, I welcome your comments.


Hi Bert,

PSA’s like this will be important once things start back up again, thanks for sharing.

We are in uncharted territory and the old world is dissolving, we all need to be ready to address what has happened and how to proceed. As an association we may need to amend our SOP to add a PPE procedure that will show the public how we will conduct business within their home.

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Great idea. Thanks Joseph.

Very nice work Bert.

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Good job, Bert. I will find it to be very useful when we return to inspections. Of course it would not be useful right now in any of the locations where only essential services are running. Inspections are not essential, but they will still be very useful in the future after the current health situation settles down. Thanks again!

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