I am posting this story to let anyone with kids to be aware of these animals, they are dangerous to kids and pets anywhere in the country. I live in Ga, and we have them in all 159 counties. My cat got mauled very bad by one and almost all the cats in the neighborhood have disappeared. I know they are beautiful animals, and have a place in nature, however it is not in residential areas. They are very intelligent critters! They can kill dogs many times bigger than themselves thru teamwork, so please be careful. If you see any contact the animal control immediately. Here is the news story; By Associated Press

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MIDDLETOWN, N.J. - A small child was bitten by a coyote, the second such attack in this town in less than two months, authorities said.
The 5-year-old boy was bitten Monday evening while walking in the street near his home with his 8-year-old sister, Township Administrator Robert Czech said. The animal ran off when the girl screamed.
The boy, whose name wasn’t released, suffered injuries to his face and back of his head requiring several stitches, police Lt. John McGuire said. He was treated and released at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank.
The attack came less than seven weeks after police said a coyote grabbed a toddler who was playing in the back yard April 6. Relatives chased the animal away, and efforts to catch it turned up nothing. The 22-month-old boy, Liam Sadler, had to undergo rabies shots.
Soon after Monday’s attack, a coyote was spotted in the same housing development. Police fired a shot and the animal appeared to twitch, but a search found neither a carcass nor a blood trail.
Police reported no new developments Tuesday, but the state Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife was notified and was expected to set traps.
Both attacks were near Naval Weapons Station Earle, and Navy personnel were participating in the search.
Residents have reported numerous coyote sightings in recent weeks, and several pets in the area have been killed recently, authorities said.
The town is about 40 miles southwest of New York City.

Pretty amazing considering the Coyote was introduced into many areas where none ever existed before. Good example of what happens when men think they know better than nature and try to “regulate” everything under the sun. A good informative post for everyone to heed. Ive seen several in my area but never in my neighborhood. Interestingly enough, my next door neighbor just asked me yesterday if I had seen their cat. Perhaps…

No free range cats in my neighborhood either. Coyotes good.:smiley:

Coyotes can be valuable or a pain but the question I have is “Where are the parents”?:shock:

We have a fairly large amount in our area and several of my friends hunt them with trained dogs (much like bear dogs). My question is " what do they taste like?" I have a hard time hunting anything I don’t eat, but they love the hunt!

I killed a coyote while deer hunting in Vermont, I had put deer sent on my boots and the damn thing was tracking me through the woods. When I turned and saw him he was about 50 feet behind me and started to growl at me so I let him have it. The peoples farm I was hunting on gave me a pat on the back and said thank you!

The buggers have become quite numerous here over the past 25 years. Smart, too. Most of them avoid traps, unless completely human odor free and dang well camoflaged. They don’t fall for the engine coolant baited weiners, either. They have put a dent in the rabbit population, but the turkeys, who are pretty smart themselves, are doing ok. Problem is, for me, I prefer rabbit! Too bad we can’t train the coyotes to hunt armadillo. Around here, no coyote would survive in a populated area, and I know of no reports of them coming near households. We shoot them on sight. I have a blue heeler who can’t roam because she looks too much like a coyote. I use her, on a chain, to sniff out deer instead of trying to blood track them. Saves lots of time, and she loves getting a little side meat. I make jerky for her out of it.