Everything I have stated has already been documented with CPVC.
Everything I have seen in Home Inspection has been documented about CPVC.
I have no documentation of failure with Pex and only some occasions where copper was not done correctly.
So far only CPVC is on my radar and I have found improper glued fittings, cracked at the solvent joint and I am sure there are many others that have seen this too.
I will not carry on with you anymore Jeffrey you are a bully and will continue to be one.

Listen up fellow Home inspectors and consumers.

CPVC is acceptable material for the discharge pipe of the TPR valve on a water heater in most areas.

Consumer advice: Be careful who you hire for a home inspector.

Home inspector advice: Be careful who you listen to on message boards.

Outright Lie.

You stated that “some” CPVC is not rated for use as TPR discharge. Show me where this is documented.

Improper installation of any material can/will result in failure. This is not limited to CPVC

Yet you continue to carry on.

I don’t have the time and luxury of discussing this crap with you and Michael.
Yes Michael is right only use Home Inspectors that do have knowledge beyond Minimum Codes.
Best Inspectors are those that are Continuing to learn from the mistakes of others.

Cameron there is no comparison.
But even this article has a flaw in it.
Judge for yourself is all I am saying yet Michael and Jeffrey insist to making a fool of themselves.


You have added zero expertise to this discussion.

Get over it.

You were wrong.

For someone who claims to be a teacher you have behaved poorly.:frowning:

What’s wrong with galvanized pipe? That’s what I see about 50% of the time.

Should I start calling that out also?

Not to bail KW’s butt out, but… Galv. pipe is threaded… not allowed.

Sure it is. As long as it’s only threaded on one end. You can buy pre-cut galvanized tpr discharge pipe at any big box store.

I would have no problem with this.

All the big box around here carry the CPVC as discussed in this thread. $10 to $15.

Galvanized as described above… $15 to $20

Standard length (threaded both ends) sold any hardware supply… $6 to $8

Guess which I see most often, when not correct?

Threaded both ends!