Crab and other seafood..

I’ll have to private email it to you guys if I do it. Otherwise a bunch of silly guys will come on here and post something silly about me starting another business. :wink:

Wendy, With the way HI are going, we all have to do what we have to do. Next? You have my email. drop me a price for a couple of quarts of oysters. Shipping would be Lancaster, Ohio 43130 Thanks, and please add me to your email list for the pictures. :slight_smile:

I would be interested. Email me with the shipping costs to zip code 14904. Clams and Oysters would be my preferred choice.


Does your menu selection include fresh caught, not previously frozen wild Alaska Salmon? Just curious for now.

Mark :wink:

Okay, if I handpick the oysters and clams off the beach then I can get them for free and I’ll check on the shipping. I remember a little shop up north of here that has the oysters in bulk but I don’t remember what they cost.

Hi Erol,
I can definitely get you fresh salmon, never frozen, but around here it’s not from Alaska unless I buy it out of the store. We do have deep water salmon that I think are still running here, although we’re getting to the end because they are going up river to spawn and the ones in the river are mush because they are getting ready to die. But I bet I can go down to the indian reservation and buy some fresh caught and on ice. Would you be interested in that?

Wendy, not at this time but I have bookmarked your thread.

Thanks Erol

Okay cool Erol. I will keep an eye out for fresh salmon. If we go fishing and catch some I’ll email you and see if you want me to send it to you.

We are going to go out on a fishing trip next month for some kind of deep water fish, not sure the kind. But there is a 16 per person limit so the captain has promised to make sure all four of us catch our limit and then he’s going to clean them and prep them for us. All that, full day, and it’s only going to be $150! For 60 fish of who knows what weight!

When I find out what kind they are I’ll see who wants some and send you all some. :slight_smile:

Yes by all means you can go collect the oysters. I am not a big fan of shucking, but it will not be my last time either. :o Let me know. Thanks

Okay Mark will do. It will cost more to ship in the shell, but I also am not a big fan of shucking. LOL! (maybe a job for the kids?) We’ll see. :wink: I’ll probably do it after the first and then just ship it to you and you can reimburse me for the shipping or something. :slight_smile: Besides, they’re better having not sat out in the sun and the weather is cool. :slight_smile:

Oyster shucking is not a great job for the kids…unless they are veteran shuckers :wink:

My kids are pretty good at it (you should see the local kids!) but only with heavy gloves on.

Good going. One should never shuck without protection.


Thanks Wendy, Buy the way, do you see any Geoducks up your way? When you get ready to ship let me know so I can keep a eye out for them. By all means, protect them little fingers, you never know when you will need them to wash the dishes. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Geoduck is VERY prevalent(?) (up all night again) around here. There is a “Dirty Jobs” episode showing on cable/satellite that was filmed right down in Shelton where I used to live. They go out to the water and find them and also go to a very popular restaurant named Xiang’s and show him how to cook them and all.

I’m not sure if I could find one for you, but I know I could buy one for you. I have no idea what they cost however.

Let me know. :slight_smile:

Thats ok, I saw the show again last night. Mike was at his best again. :slight_smile:

Didya get grossed out by the geoduck poop? :wink:

I really can say that I did. I was born and raised on a farm, and went through the Multi-forces joint training program. So what I was raised on and what I have been trained to eat? :mrgreen: </IMG>

Nasty stuff that eh? I was thoroughly apalled. Geoduck has always grossed me out (but I wasn’t going to say that if you wanted to eat it) and this just put it over the top for me. :wink:

What is a Geoduck? Sounds like a compact car.