Crack in the interior wall - where sections comes together...need advice

Double wide Mobilehome, observed this crack where the
kitchen and dining room come together…Observed no other
cracks in the Mobilehome, floor felt good. No soft spots.
Need advice on writing it up…

This is very common to see small cracks along the marriage line of mobile homes that use drywall. From only looking at your photo it only appears to be cosmetic. The sad part is after repairing it, it will most likely reoccur.

Cosmetic. I wouldn’t address it at all.

I see this all the time. The only thing I always say about a trailer is to have it checked for level. If the corners are sinking a little the crack can become more predominant. An ounce of cure is a pound of prevention. Other than that i agree with the other two comments that it is just cosmetic.

Thanks Joe…

Thanks everyone for the feedback…

Thanks Gary…this is in Hemet.

Not a problem homie, I know the area quite well…:cool: