Crack under dishwasher

Southern calif. house built in 1990.
Do these look like normal shrinkage or seismic cracks.
I did not see any other cracks in the foundation.

that wouldn’t bother me but i’m in ohio…

Typical crack around here, too.

Looks normal to me too!, but we don’t have tremors here. ;):mrgreen:

Small for florida. Tell them it might get bigger if San Fran ends up off shore but for now it doesen’t indicate a structural concern.

thanks everybody

What crack?

If I can shove both hands in it and clap, then THAT’s a crack!

All joking aside, not a problem.

Definitely appears to be a shrinkage crack. Since Western Washington is in the same seismic threat zone as California, I can tell you for sure that I wouldn’t be concerned with that one.

appears to be shrinkage crack…but what is on the other side of the wall? Is there a pool or some depression that may lead you to beleive its structural?


39519 N 2nd Place 9-11-09 032.JPG