Cracked lintel

I posted this already in the structural section but since you guys are more familiar with our constuction techniques here I thought you might like to comment on this.

If it was not cracked all the way through the pour, I would not worry about it. It looks as they cracked the corner off before install. They are starting to use metal forms for these, which will just rust away anyway. If the the crack is through, it needs replacement. Either way I would call it out.

Repair or replace by competent professional.

That’s the thing, I can’t tell why, how, when or what extent to which it is cracked as the assembly is completed. Now that it is complete I figure it is pretty strong and that the enginneer is going to say it is OK. Good, let him… not my job.


Let the engineer certify the lentil. You brought it to their attention and like you said, now it is not your job.

William - your answer sucks. Brian was looking for thoughts on the issue, not just a cheap way out.

That is a concern for us in the future John, I hope they won’t rust away leaving the stucco to buckle and fall off. Seams like I’ll have to leave that problem to be considered by yet another generation of HI’s.:wink: