Cracks around whole room 2nd floor bedroom shady support work done

Home I just inspected has Cracks all the way around the room at all corners. While in the basement i noticed some questionable work that I am certain was not done professionally. Please see picture. I recommended they have a structural engineer come look at the house as the video shows the cracks. So the question is would you of done the same thing?

Thank you everyone in advance

Yep. More so from what I see in the basement. The video is hard to follow.


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Yeah, here, too.


The temporary post in the basement is enough to call out an expert, and disclaim everything about the basic support.

The cracks above are incidental to what’s going on below. We’d need to see more photos of the support, floor joists to get really detailed. But you don’t. The temporary post and beam are indication enough of a serious issue that needs proper attention. Just the rotted wood on the floor would be enough to create a major red flag. I would lead the report with this, don’t burry it at all.


Suspect untaped drywall seams? In addition to the support issues

A picture is worth 1000 words… a video? Well, let’s just say MUCH less… especially when they don’t load. A picture gets my immediate attention. I lose patience with a video in about 1/2 second. KISS.


I wanted to use a video once when a dishwasher would not open because the adjacent perpendicular cabinet drawer handle was too large to let the door swing open.

I thought a video would be appropriate with me narrating “What stupid (^&%)&^$% !#$ would do a thing like this!!”