Cracks by Muhammad R. Qureshi

Scot may,
**My question is do these follow a regular pattern? **

If so they could be the patch over the bolts holes that held the forms together …poor job.
Scot. There is methods and apparatus for forming concrete.
Clips, of wire or nylon that is xx"s inches in width that break upon pressure being exerted upon them after the curing process, enough to allow the forms to be removed, is completed.
It is dependent upon the type of form and other materials the company uses.
No blots or I have not seen or heard the term bolts used…

I have seen some newer homes that have parging over the foundation is the builder giving more for the consumer or cover up…time will tell. Pic 3 looks like it might even be cement paint just by the consistency you can see a run out of a small crevice maybe home owner job? JMO

That would be tie rod holes to be more specific, I answered quickly… a hole is a hole!

If there was a pattern it could explain the question! Wasn’t this question posed in the emergency section? A quick answer, if it had a pattern I would say (IMO) it could have been tie rod holes. I dont care what made the hole but the fact of ...if there was a **pattern** rod, bolt, plastic whatever, was not answered at that time so a quick answer for a quick time to scour the internet for a more informed answer I am too busy for that. I have seen this many times both as an inspector and renovator rod holes covered with usually hydraulic cement and a slurry of **cementitious** paint in hopes that it wont ever leak. (when above grade) Proper exterior waterproofing is the only cure for them not to leak and then it is not 100%