Cracks in Hardiplank

Saw a home with numerous cracks in hardiplank boards. Not just near nails but in the middle of numerous boads. Do these cracks in the middle of hardiplank boards indicate that the frame is shifting around? These were not gaps between the hardiplank board but actual cracks that went clean thru the boards. Never seen it before

Hard to give any advice with-out seeing it first hand or pictures but it dosnt sound normal…

Broken vertically or horizontally? Either way, it sounds like earthquake damage. Or some really terrible framing. :twisted:

John Kogel

Single person installation. I bet they were using the little plastic installation brackets instead of having a 2 man crew. Cracks wider at the bottom of the individual pieces?

It sounds more like structural movement. I have installed 1000’s of pcs. as a one man shop with the device shown, no cracks.

hardie tool.jpg

The cracks were vertical and evenly sized throughout (i.e. not wider at top or bottom). Not earthquake damage since this is GA. Weird thing is the stucco did not have any cracks but the hardiplank did. It was all stucco on the front and hardi on the sides and back.

Pics would be nice