Cracks in mortar 1 year old home

Our home is 1 year old in October. We have noticed a crack down the center of the stained concrete that runs from the front porch to he back porch, through the house. Ceiling has a small crack. Multiple cracks in stained concrete floor running through house. Today we noticed a crack on the exterior of the home running through the mortar. It goes from the spicket all the way up. Is this something normal or something I need to be concerned about being house is only a year old. I will attach pics

The cracks in the mortar do not look very significant in my opinion. If they continue to grow over time, that would be another story.

If the cracks in the slab were there within a day or two of pouring the slab, they may simply be drying cracks. I have a similar crack in my stained Living Room floor, but with piers going down 10 feet into the soil at every intersection of an 11-foot grid (and no cracks showing up in any of the walls) I am confident I do not have foundation issues.

If they just showed up recently, that would be cause for alarm.

The thing you need to do is have a foundation company or structural engineer come out and do a level survey of your slab so you will have a benchmark. If the cracks grow, or you see other indications of foundation movement, a new set of levels will tell you if any portions are moving up or down.

Your home is one year old (new build)? Your first step is to get your home builder out there for your one year warranty, and to get your concern on file ASAP. Time is everything with warranties. Also, any foundation issues should have a ten year warranty. If you get the typical BS from the builder, be prepared to get your Attorney involved.

Having had recent experience with this scenario, I can say with confidence that the builder will insist that you bring evidence of foundation failure to them in the form of an Engineer’s report. That’s why that you need one out there to establish a benchmark.

Review your structural warranty. I think you will shocked to see how bad things have to get before they will be considered “foundation failure”.

Regardless of all that, he needs to “stop the clock” and put the builder “on notice” that there are issues. What happens after that first step, is, well, almost expected.

Where are you located? This may also help in responses to your question(s).

crack monitor or ‘tell-tale’
Would post a link, but then some azzhat would report it like the fat blubbering cereal-eating child he is.

Likely typical shrinkage cracks, but annoying none the less. Wider area pictures would be helpful to see if there was correct expansion joint placement to avoid these glaring cosmetic concerns. Often see incorrectly placed exp joints, not an issue if covered. Looks like the slab was intended to be the finished surface, in which case more care and effort should be used to avoid cracks. It can happen anyways even if everything is done correctly.