Cracks in the fire box...Is it a safety hazard?

Is it a don’t use before the bricks/panels are replaced?
Have the cracks sealed?
Cracks not big enough to be a hazard ?

I always recommend sealing or replacing the panel by a licensed contractor prior to use.

Seal or replace, short and sweet. move on to the next defect lol

Thanks for the reply…

I had a installer tell me that hairline cracks poses no big hazards. The real protection is behind what you can’t see according to him in pre fabricated fireplaces.

So…The installer told you this, but would you sign your name to it and give it a clearance? I Stand fast on my defer recommendation.

In my opinion they should be replaced. They are no longer meeting the design specifications.

An installer? Until he puts HIS business on the line with a signature on letterhead and accepts all responsibility, his opinion means nothing. Possible problems with an issue like this can lead to home fires, property loss, injury or death.