Crawl Space Access

Just curious on how people handle this. If you have a crawl space in a basement that is screwed closed and access is about 4 feet off of the basement floor, do you access it?

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I carry a screw driver and a ladder.


Your not required to by SOP, but why wouldn’t you. Inconvenience is not really a reason for your client. Ask them.

If you might break something, dangerous access for you, would be a reason not to.

If it’s a reasonable amount and type of fasteners than no problem. But if they used 8 lag bolts and sealed the entrance with caulk than no.


What Ryan said. I’ve seen hatches with twelve 3 inch drywall screws, no thanks.

Agree with, Ryan and Christopher.

Depends on the opening location nd attachment method. Some openings are way small and way high with no safe way to get back out once you are in. Getting in is always the easy part - getting out can be difficult. Since crawlspaces are where I often find a whole lot of issues I try my best to get in all of them but some are not safe or built for access.


I carry one of these in the truck for those openings.

But if it is caulked / sealed closed I do not open it.


I get a electric screwdriver an a ladder, unless it’s also sealed with three tubes is silicone caulk. If I have to damage something I am not prepared to fix I call it out for the homeowner to remove if the buyer wants it inspected.

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