Crawl Space Floor Cracks and Heater Vents/Flukes touching wall.

Hello Everyone,

I recently had an inspection done on a home and my home inspector said the crawl space has a leak in the cast iron pipe. He was unsure where it was exactly. He said the foundation and structure seems to be good. However their seems to have been a flood one time as their are lot of cracks on the crawls space floor.

I am wondering if this could cause radon gas to leak.

I was planning to repair all the cracks and pipes and apply a vapor barrier. Should I still worry about radon after that? Currently we have no knowlege if radon exist.

4 Family lived total in this house. 3 took care of it. The last one recently stayed for 2 years and did not bother maintaining it.

Another concern we have is the heater vents and flukes touching the side walls. The inspector said the temp is 226F and another 146F and it a cause of concern as it can cause a fire hazard. What would be possible to reduce this concern? Anything I can apply in between?


Sounds like your inspector is knowledgable and I would call them with these questions as they may have advice as well as local professionals to address these issues