Crawl Space or Slab

The listing for this home says it’s on a crawl space. The owner says it’s on a slab. I did not see any access to a crawl space. I did not see any venting for a crawl. Here are some pictures.

Can you guys infer if this is slab or crawl from the data we have?


I see CMU’s so most likely a crawl with an access hatch in the floor inside. Usually in a closet.


Thanks Stephen, I was looking for an interior access and I think it must have been obstructed with furniture because I did not find it.

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Mike, I agree that it looks more like crawlspace. Access could have been obstructed by furniture or a rug. I’ve even seen a few old places that simply had no access. One seller told me that when he needed to work on the plumbing he had to cut a hole in the floor, then he sealed the floor back in place when done. Yipes!

How efficient. Thanks James.

Look at the slider and the CMU. If it is a crawl, is there no rim and floor joists?

Ledgered to CMU

A little stomping of one’s foot on the floor inside would be a pretty good indication if it is a crawlspace or not, wouldn’t it? :wink:


Looks like a modular home from here, not built onsite

  1. NEVER assume a Listing has correct information, especially if you’re referring to the MLS!!
  2. Could possibly be a partial crawlspace in the one location (for plumbing, etc.) only.
  3. May not have an available access point. May even have been “floored over”.
  4. Marcel’s suggestion of ‘stomping around’ is usually sage advice, but not always fool-proof.
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Exactly my thought, Marcel. :smile:

did the house have wood or concrete floors?

Dance a jig! :grinning:

It was covered, but if I saw concrete it would be slab.

I see concrete too, but it’s outside. How about inside? Pics of what you saw inside.?

Anywhere around furnace, etc, or all finished/covered?

Everything was finished and covered. I should have stomped on the floor, but the whole time I’m thinking crawl space and looking for the opening.

sometimes You can pull a floor register and see what’s below


Does that work on old furnaces in Ohio?? :wink:

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Didn’t have registers back then! :grin:

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