Crawlspace coverall recommendation?

Because I designed, build and sell the BIGCrawler360. Believe me, I understand the differences between being in there and not being in there, do you personally? No need to go in the crawlspace borders on lunacy. I have no use for the website, thanks.


Looks like they sell stuff for about $4-9K without cameras, etc. :cowboy_hat_face:

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They did inspire Gnat to totally copy it. Both going down the tracked (incorrect) path. They make it almost too easy for me.

Yeah, right. Good luck with that…

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Look scot, I’ve built and worked on home for 17 yrs, obviously you would have to get inside the crawl space where the robot could have difficulty accessing or is limited to being able to see a defect or if there’s an Hvac system. That’s just like owning a drone and never going on the roof. You obviously can’t see everything from the cameras point of view, sometimes you need to get up there. Just because I’m a student with internachi doesn’t mean I have no experience. Thanks for the sarcasm and have a wonderful day.


Still bot first, then you to wipe up where it cannot go? Student? Yes. Everyday is wonderful.

Just crawl the MF’er naked !:grinning:
Drag your crap all under it…Like a male rat!..
Leave your greasy trail so you can find your way back…
Rat and mice do!

Wear whatever flippin’ makes you feel comfortable…Now! How easy is that?

I agree with Roy. You have to crawl it for the best inspection of it. So far I have only declined to crawl one.
It had about 1"+ of water in it, and electrical wires all hanging all over. I still was able to take my camera on a pole and snap a bunch of pics.

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That is why the SOP should be sent to all clients…
Florida SOP
(3) The inspector is not required to enter or traverse any under-floor crawl space or attic, if in the opinion of the inspector:

(a) An unsafe or unsanitary condition exists;

(b) Enter areas in which inadequate clearance exists to allow the inspector safe entering or traversing

© The potential exists to cause damage to insulation, ductwork, other components or stored items.


Joe ! You thumbs up on this one,. However , It is at the discretion of the inspector to do it or not…
In addition, You better have a good reason for not doing it.
And Include the reason why you didn’t in the report.

Hey Scott are your Big Crawlers available to be purchased?

Yes I am selling them again.

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Great, what’s the pricing. Feel free to email me directly at

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The pricing and information can all be found in this video. Please feel free to ask any questions. BarNone Client Version Information - YouTube

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