Crawlspace crawlers

It is a lipo battery alarm, it’s a digital readout of how much charge you have left. You can make sure the charge is good before putting it somewhere you cannot get it from.

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That’s cool, I was suspicious of it working with the battery. Very cool and good idea.

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Looks pretty slick. The gray is a nice touch.

Working on a camera setup that would simplfy operation by offloading the usual “in-the-hole” work to post processing.

What this means is that your inspection photos are pulled from a 360 video stream after retrieval.

Here’s how it would look…

  1. You drive through the space, being sure you are within camera distance of everything there. Basically, you drive a group of parallel routes so that all ground is covered. The lines you run might be 6-8’ apart, depending on how tall the space is. The lower the floor, the closer the pattern. Working the angles…

  2. You retrieve the 360 video from the camera afterward, review it at your leisure, and pull the inspection stills from that. This is the post processing part. If you adjust brightness and hue in your photos, you are already “post processing”.

You still have a pan tilt cam up front for navigation, but you would also have a Theta360, or Insta360 cam for the real work. Whatever 360 you like can be mounted since it’s simply a holster at that point.

In tradition rover ops, you chose and take your pics as you go. But unless you come back the way you came, you don’t “see” the other side of joists and such. They are hidden as you pass.

With 360 recording, you image the whole thing. Less time in the hole, and the rest at your laptop or PC at your convenience.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly viable. I’ve pursuing development on this with my buddy.

Anyone think they would prefer a system that images the whole damned space for later review, on a rig that is tougher than ever?

Me too…

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